The Cheeselandia Council is comprised of four cheese aficionados who have a special connection to Wisconsin and an affinity for Wisconsin Cheese. Our Cheeselandia Council members are leaders in their respective fields, and excited to answer your burning cheese questions and guide you in your Wisconsin Cheese exploration.

Cheese school is in session.

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Being a Wisconsinite is My Heritage

Libby Rasmussen

I spent the first 18 wonderful years of my life in the state of Wisconsin. Born in a hospital in Neenah and raised in Oshkosh, the Town of Algoma specifically. Everything and everyone I knew and loved was in Wisconsin...

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The Tasteful Monger

Liz Nerud

It is such a pleasure to be the Official Cheesemonger of Cheeselandia! Ever hear of a cheesemonger? The definition of a monger is one who purveys, in this case, cheese. A cheesemonger’s responsibility is learn as much as possible about cheese and tell its story...

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It's A Family Affair

Ron Henningfeld

I am a cheese-loving cheesemaker with a passion for farming and a ton of Wisconsin pride! There are a number of reasons I chose artisan cheesemaking as a career, and I ant to share those with you today.

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