The Cheeselandia Council is comprised of four cheese aficionados who have a special connection to Wisconsin and an affinity for Wisconsin Cheese. Our Cheeselandia Council members are leaders in their respective fields, and excited to answer your burning cheese questions and guide you in your Wisconsin Cheese exploration.

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The Cheese Life

Ron Henningfeld

In Wisconsin, Cheese is a way of life for most of the cheesemakers and their families that own and operate their own cheese business. We work endlessly on creating a brand that represents not only our product, but our family. Many of us choose this living because of our passion for food and agriculture and our drive to do challenging and rewarding work.

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Liz Nerud

It is often said that the development of artisan cheese in the United States is an alchemy between the traditions of Europe and the innovations America is known for. Alpine-style cheeses made in Wisconsin are wonderful examples of how methods have been adapted from the mountains of Switzerland to the new dairy landscape. Fewer mountains for sure, but glorious rolling hills, especially the Driftless Region provide perfect grazing pastures...

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And She Smiled: A Family Connection Through Cheese

Jesus Gonzalez

Before settling in Wisconsin, my father lived in California. He left Mexico at age 16 and moved to California where his older brothers and cousins worked. His first job was picking peaches, figs, tomatoes, almonds and other fruits on the farms...

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Being a Wisconsinite is My Heritage

Libby Rasmussen

I spent the first 18 wonderful years of my life in the state of Wisconsin. Born in a hospital in Neenah and raised in Oshkosh, the Town of Algoma specifically. Everything and everyone I knew and loved was in Wisconsin...

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