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You may be wondering what official Cheeselandia membership entails. (We’re so glad you asked.) Check out just a few of the ways you can get involved as an official Cheeselandian below.

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As a member of Cheeselandia, you’ll be part of a thriving community of cheese lovers. You’ll also have access to some of the greatest cheese minds in the industry, so hit us with those burning cheese questions!

Share your cheese ideas and get inspired by fellow cheese enthusiasts

Whether you’re a pro at pairings or a builder of beautiful cheeseboards, becoming a member of Cheeselandia is the perfect way to show your cheese-inspired creativity with others. (And hey, you may even pick up a tip or two yourself.)

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Cheeselandia home party

Throughout the year, we offer Cheeslandia members the opportunity to host home cheese parties. You provide the place and guest list, we provide the Wisconsin cheese. Interested?

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event in your community

We love taking the wonders of Wisconsin Cheese beyond the borders of our state. Keep an eye out for Cheeselandia to roll into your community. Our events are magical, memorable and packed with more mouthwatering cheese than you’ve ever seen in once place.

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All we need to make things official are a few details from you. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling for more cheesy reasons to be a part of Cheeselandia!

Become a member

Review a recipe

We already know you’ve got great taste, and this is an opportunity to put your culinary prowess to the test. Cheeselandia members can join Wisconsin Cheese’s VIP team of recipe reviewers.

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From exclusive interviews with Wisconsin cheesemakers to Wisconsin cheese profiles and pairings, the scoop on Cheeselandia events to experts answering your burning cheese questions, every issue of The Gazette is lovingly curated for the cheese lover inside you. But there’s only one way to hyphenate gouda-ness...subscribe!

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We love connecting with Cheeselandians and seeing what’s going on in your world. Whether you’re building a beautiful board, have an urgent cheese question or just want to say hello, find us (and follow us) on Instagram @cheeselandia.

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