Where is Cheeselandia?

While you won't find Cheeselandia on any map, the spirit of Cheeselandia is based on the tenacity, ingenuity and creativity of Wisconsin's cheese industry. From the farmers to the cheesemakers, mongers to cheese lovers, Cheeselandia is a magical manifestation of what makes Wisconsin wonderful, proving that the story of Wisconsin cheese is about more than a single state. Cheeselandia is a destination for cheese lovers; a state of mind and state of mouth that brings the warm hospitality of Wisconsin (and Wisconsin cheeses) to your home... wherever that may be.

Meet a Cheesemaker

Wisconsin cheese makers are master storytellers, but you won't find their work printed on paper. Instead, they tell their stories through the seasons, one cheese, rind, wheel, curd and nibble at a time. Get to know a few of our most famous residents...and the people who make them.

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Host a Cheese party

Think you have what it takes to be the cheese host with the most or hostess with the mostess? Fill out an application and the Cheeselandia Village Council will review your profile. If you’re deemed one of the most passionate cheese lovers in the land, we’ll be in touch with more information about future cheese party opportunities. Gouda times await, so what are you waiting for?

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