Greetings from Cheeselandia

A Little Wedge of Wisconsin Welcomes You.

Cheeselandia is your golden pathway to the world of Wisconsin artisanal cheese. Find the really good stuff, meet the makers, and connect with fellow travelers on the cheeseway of life. If you love cheese, you’re headed in the right direction. Cheeselandia awaits! 

Gorgonzola plus Gouda. Mozzarella plus more Mozzarella. A Wisconsin licensed Cheesemaker eager to give you and other fellow citizens of Cheeselandia a taste, tell you a story, and maybe a bit more. Come to a members-only event and enjoy a wheel, block, or wedge of Wisconsin wonderful.

When the cheese bell rings, the School of Cheese is in session. Cheeselandia's virtual classrooms will invigorate your mind and sharpen your cheddar.

A Cheeselandia Cheese Quest is a joyful getaway. Dive deeper into cheese knowledge. Scale the peaks of culinary possibility. Share your adventures in cheese.

There's no party like a Cheeselandia party, 'cause a Cheeselandia party means a house full of cheese. We’ll hook you up with the good stuff plus a substantial helping of ideas and inspiration. (You should totes apply to host.)