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Cheeselandia is a community for loud and proud cheese lovers, brought to life by Wisconsin Cheese. While you won't find it listed on any map, the spirit of Cheeselandia is rooted in the tenacity, ingenuity and creativity of Wisconsin's cheese industry. From dairy farmers and cheesemakers to cheese enthusiasts and cheese party hosts, Cheeselandia is a celebration and collaboration that proves the story of Wisconsin Cheese is about so much more than a single state. We're glad you're here.


Whether you're looking to learn about Wisconsin specialty cheeses, see how to build a brag-worthy cheese board, read up on your favorite Wisconsin cheesemaker or find a way to bring a piece of Cheeselandia home, you're in the right place. What's next? Become an official Cheeselandian.

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Meet a Cheesemaker

Wisconsin cheesemakers are master storytellers, but you won't find their work printed on paper. Instead, they tell their stories through the seasons, one cheese, rind, wheel, curd and nibble at a time. Get to know a few of our most famous residents... and the people who make them.

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We already know you’ve got great taste, and this is an opportunity to put your culinary prowess to the test. Check out Grate. Pair. Share. to join Wisconsin Cheese’s VIP team of recipe reviewers.

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